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“It was vitally important to know what the 800 potential participants  thought about incentives and what the rules might be. This ‘human audit’ enabled us to design an effective programme without the guesswork.” 
Jackie Bass, Programmes Director


  • A series of regional focus groups were convened with representative samples of washing machine engineers  and call centre staff
  • The main issues were discussed: launch mechanism, number and amount of rewards, type of activity to be incentivised, inclusion of support staff, timing of the programme
  • A telephone questionnaire was then scripted and 200 interviews were conducted to test the relative importance and agreement on the key issues
  • A detailed analysis of the answers was compiled with specific recommendations as to how to construct the year-long programme
  • In particular, various communication techniques were suggested and agreement was reached about the most effective combination of imagery and messages
  • The choice of rewards (cash or non-cash) was tested and as a direct result of the feedback cash was offered as the more effective reward medium in this particular case


Incentives are often put together on the basis of choice of rewards and ‘what feels right’.  By taking a step back to do some specific research first we were able to write rules that were highly relevant to the particular situation of white goods repair and service engineers who are not used to selling up their services and identifying new sales opportunities.


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